This course provides candidates a solid understanding of the Jakarta EE Architecture and enables candidates to build secure, scalable, integrable and maintainable back-ends for enterprise systems.

Is this course for you?

This course is for Java developers and software architects who want to understand the Jakarta EE reference architecture and be able to use Jakarta EE based platforms to develop secure, scalable, integrable, reliable, robust, and maintainable enterprise systems.

Course Content

  1. Understanding the Jakarta EE Architecture and Standards
  2. Building a simple enterprise service
    • Developing simple service
    • Making the service available over REST
    • Deploying and testing the service
  3. Enterprise Beans
  4. Decoupling from databases via Jakarta Persistence
  5. Understanding and using Jakarta dependency injection
  6. Security: Authentication and Authorization
  7. Transaction management
  8. Jakarta Validation
  9. Accessibility and integration
    • Rest/JSON & REST/XML and XML-binding
    • Asynchronous processing via messaging
    • Using Jakarta registries to discover service
    • Connecting to other Enterprise Systems via Jakarta Connectors
    • Sending Emails
  10. Batch processing
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