Software engineering courses for software architects, business analysts, software developers and testers.

Solms Training & Consulting

organizational & software architecture, business process & application design


SolmsTC provides vendor and tool independent software engineering courses to software architects, business analysts and software developers.

All training and mentoring is focused on concepts, methods and technologies based on public standards. Our training material is continuously updated to reflect current best practices and technologies and can be customized to your organization’s specific needs.

All software engineering courses are available as

  • on-site (in person) training
  • life instructor-led virtual training, and as
  • online courses.
Software Engineering Courses are used by professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills/
In sonculting session often novel and new solutions and technologies are explored.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services aim to assist your organization to improve software development processes as well as the architecture and design of your software systems. For this we need to understand your organization, your vision and the challenges you are currently facing.

In addition to the above we can provide mentoring services to your software development professionals including business analysts, software architects and software developers.


It is important for us to remain relevant by being actively involved in both, academic and applied research. One such approach is through co-supervising postgraduate students at the University of Stellenbosch.

We generally welcome innovative research projects across the domain of software engineering including process optimization, model-based development, testing, software architecture including architectures catering for IoT and others.

Post-graduate research projects expand the frontier of our knowledge.
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