XML is widely used for system integration, storing and exchanging data in an accessible format which is readable, verifiable and processable across technologies, managing configurations information and so on. This course provides a solid foundation for design and specify XML data structures using XML schemas, transforming XML data using XSLT, and querying XML using XPath and XQuery.

For whom is the course?

  • Integration specialists who are involved with designing and developing integration solutions.
  • Software developers who need to generate or process XML.
  • Software architects designing integration solutions.

Course outcomes

  • Understanding the use cases for XML,
  • Designing XML data structures and UML <-> XML mappings.
    • A solid understanding of XML schemas to specify rigorous, flexible and extensible data structures.
  • XPath and XQuery for querying XML data structures.
  • A solid understanding of XSLT for transforming XML data
    • UML documentation and code generation
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