Software Integration

Why? For modern systems it is imperative that disparate systems are integrated to form larger systems across which business processes can be executed, knowledge can be acquired and business decisions can be made. This Software integration course provides an understanding of the various integration approaches and technologies available today as well as an understanding of future integration challenges and standards being developed to address these.

For whom is the course?

  • Software architects
  • Senior Software Developers & Team Leads

Course prerequisites

  • Experience in software development
    • programming and design


  • Have an overview of software integration
    • Integration challenges.
    • Approaches to software integration.
    • Best practices for software integration.
    • The importance of public standards.
    • The importance of semantics and discoverability.
  • Integration quality attributes and tactics used to address them
    • How to specify and address scalability, performance, availability, reliability, security, discoverability, accessibility, maintainability and decoupling within integration solutions.
  • Integration approaches
    • Point-to-point integration
    • Hub & Spoke integration
    • Common storage based integration (file-based, DB-based, …)
    • API based integration
    • Services based integration
    • Messaging based integration
    • Stream based integration
  • Data encoding
    • Binary, XML and JSON based encoding
    • XML & JSON schemas
    • Semantics via ontologies, RDFS and OWL
    • Data translation, ETL
  • Services-based integration
    • REST, WADL
    • micro-services
    • Semantic mark-up and discovery of web services via OWL-S & SADI (Simple Automated Discovery & Integration)
  • Integration architectures
    • CORBA
    • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    • Event Bus
    • Distributed event streaming via Kafka
    • Open Inference Networks (OINs)



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