Programming in Java course

Programming in Java

The Programming in Java course provides software developers a solid conceptual and practical foundation for developing quality programs in Java.

Is this course for you?

This course is for aspiring Java developers and for junior Java developers who would like to solidify their understanding of the Java programming language, object-oriented and functional concepts and how to develop quality software in Java.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits, challenges and typical application domains for Java applications.
  • To have a solid understanding of the Java programming language constructs and how to use them effectively
  • To understand of OO concepts (object, classes, interfaces, methods, polymorphism, contracts and exception handling) and OO relationships (realization, specialization, composition, aggregation, association, dependency and containment).
    • To know how to correctly map OO constructs and relationships onto Java code.
  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses of object-oriented, service-oriented and functional programming.
  • To understand the basic concepts and challenges of multi-threaded applications and to be able to develop simple and safe multi-threaded applications in Java.
  • To be able to write unit tests in Java.
  • To define simple Apache Maven based build scripts managing the dependencies and the application build process.



The Programming in Java course is part of the

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